Episode Eight: Numerophobia

If you have an irrational fear of numbers, you might be numerophobic.

Hexikosioihexakontahexaphobia.  Say that ten times fast.  Simply saying the word is a frightening task, but the fear regarding this famous number is also too much for some to handle.  One of the ways in which humanity connects across the globe is through the superstitions regarding numbers.  Four.  Nine.  Eight.  Twenty-seven.  All of these contain good luck as well as bad.

Ministition #1: Ladders

Ever heard that walking under a ladder is bad luck?

Superstitious embarks on a new quest through a bi-weekly mini-stition which features the most common superstitions across the globe.  In this first mini-stition we explore the origins of walking under a ladder and how this ancient superstition transcends time.  Don’t fret, Superstitious gives you the tools to combat bad luck should you accidentally find yourself strolling under a ladder.


Episode Seven: The Age of Enlightenment

One of the most superstitious realms in the world is the college campus.

One of the most important transitions in a person’s life is the transition from childhood to adulthood.  For many, this means going to college.  The transition from one point in life to another can be a frightening and daunting task.  Being away from family and the normalcy of everyday life now changes, and the need to fit in, to find comfort, sometimes means connecting with others through campus superstitions.

Episode Seven_The Age of Enlightenment

Episode Six: Ruthstitious

Sometimes our deepest superstitions lie in the stories told by our parents or our grandparents.

Ruth, an Indiana Quaker, had much to tell her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Beware of people wearing purple.  Don’t put gas in your car at night.  Bubble baths can be dangerous to your health.  This episode of Superstitious takes a more personal turn, exploring why family members tell us fantasies during the process of growing up.

Episode Five: Evil Woman

From 1300s Europe to contemporary America, these sinister women have been haunting our souls.

1300s Europe was a dark time.  A time of fear.  People needed to find a scapegoat; someone to place the blame for all of the troubles people were having.  The Black Plauge?  Blame a woman.  Your crops aren’t growing?  Blame an old beggar.  Throughout the decades, the blame would continue and cross over from Europe to America, traveling down the eastern sea board from Massachusetts to the Carolinas.  But why stop there?  How does one cure such a cursed life?  Two ways:  throw the problem into the water and pray that it floats–or sinks.  Either way, you’ll take care of your problem.

Episode Five_Evil Woman

Episode Four: The Dollar-Fifty Kennard Novelty

In 1973 the world of the “talking board” was forever changed…

The original “talking boards” were thought to be harmless and used as a means to communicate with those who had passed into the afterlife.  However, it is in 1973 that this favorite family past time took on a more sinister toll.  Today, this toy is burned in bonfires with the Harry Potter books.  Is this famous game really sinister, or is it a placebo for the superstitious?

Episode Four_The Dollar-Fifty Kennard Novelty